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C60 Oil Health Benefits and Risks
While C60 is relatively new, the studies conducted on the carbon molecule are so remarkable that people think that they may be fraudulent. The peer-review process is ongoing; however, C60 oil is responsible for increasing the rats in a study by 90%. C60 (carbon 60) also known as buckyballs or buckminsterfullerene is a very powerful antioxidant that has effects on unsaturated fats. It removes superoxide which contributes to tissue injury and is a by-product of cellular metabolism. Scientific studies have shown that C60 has antioxidant and longevity properties due to its capacity to scavenge for free radicals.
Health Benefits of C60
Improves Longevity
Studies show that carboxyl C60 prevents the dying of nerve cells by either amyloid-beta which causes Alzheimer’s or by dehydration. By doing this, the mice in the study got to live 8 days longer in a 120 day lifespan. Another study established that the mice were able to increase their lifespan by 5-14% by administering C60 halfway through their lives. These results from these studies are as a result of derivative C60. When C60 in olive oil was used, the lifespan of the rat subjects increased by 90%.
Protects against Free Radicals
Free radicals have the potential of reacting with almost any molecule in your body and damaging it before moving to the next molecule. C60 is an antioxidant that prevents free radicals from damaging your cells. It is considered to be a very powerful antioxidant compared to the traditional ones.
Prevents Inflammation
C60 is great for preventing inflammation which is a relief for those suffering from arthritis or any joint-related pain. A particular study established that C60 can prevent inflammation in arthritic rats. The researchers then concluded that it may be a viable treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.
Protects Nerves
There is a possibility of nerves dying due to being worked too hard or fired too often. This leads to nerve damage. Hydroxyl C60 prevents the dying of nerves due to being overworked in cellular structures.
Kills Viruses
Studies reveal that even in lower concentrations, C60 has the potential of eradicating the mosquito iridescent virus (MIV). This proves its capability to combat iridoviruses in general.
Prevents UV Damage
C60 oil is great for mixing with skin lotion because it prevents sunburn in human skin models. It can, therefore, help protect your skin from UV damage.
Risks Associated with C60
There has been speculation concerning C60 causing DNA damage. There is only one scientific study available that states that the corn oil medium used was more harmful compared to the C60 inside it. C60 was only responsible for changing the DNA expression of the liver and the lungs. DNA that has been unwound can easily be repaired. C60 unwinding DNA could be great or terrible because rats missing unwinding DNA enzymes have a shorter lifespan.
With the tremendous benefits involved in using C60, people are naturally bound to wonder if there are any risks involved. The rat subjects in the study conducted were at some point given more C60 oil than the recommended dose but there were no changes in protein, body fat, sugar and many other standard molecules.

Potent MMS Supplement & your Health…

What are miracle mineral supplements?

Before we look at the benefits associated with miracle mineral supplements, it is important to understand what they are in the first place.MMS, as they are known in short as also referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution. The history of MMS can be traced back to the middle years of 1990s when someone by the name of Jim Humble accidentally discovered the efficacy of miracle mineral supplements. There were men in the company of Jim humble who fell ill with malaria and could not find immediate cure for the condition. Jim remedied the situation by treating them with water whose oxygen had been stabilized.

After the men recovered from the water whose oxygen had been stabilized, the formula for making the miracle mineral supplements was developed. This was the beginning of the MMS Supplement is Powerful Stuff...revolutionary miracle mineral supplements and is today hailed for treating various ailments that are difficult to treat using conventional medications.

Understanding the basic function of MMS

The sodium chlorite in the MMS plays a crucial role in making miracle mineral supplements. Chlorine dioxide results from the reaction between the sodium chloride mentioned and the acids from fruits such as the citrus fruits. If you need to find out a little more about chlordioxid mms – then be sure to check them out. This compound is less destructive than chlorine and has important functions in the body as a result. With little destructive effects in the body, you begin to find that is less destructive in the body, hence beneficial in the long run.

The oxidative power of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is quite effective due to its oxidative power. As a result of this characteristic, it helps in destroying pathogens and micro-organisms that are found in the body. This compound has been found to be so effective that it has been adopted in the war against the anthrax virus.

Apart from killing the pathogens, the miracle mineral supplements have been found to destroy the virus, bacteria, parasites as well as fungus. Sodium chloride is an end product of MMS and is a well known compound that we call table salt.

Exactly what makes up miracle mineral supplement or MMS?

Miracle mineral supplement is made up of distilled water, sodium chlorite, sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide and sodium chlorate .The latter two comprise a small portion of the total composition of MMS.

How to maximize the benefits of miracle mineral supplements

If you want to reap the maximum benefits of miracle mineral supplements, there are a number of things that you must do. To start with, you will be required to ace it active. In order to activate it, you are advised to mix it with drops of either lime or lemon juice. You can also add drops of citric acid. Filtered water is also required to complete the mixture. Then it will be ready to drink. If you do not like the resultant taste, you may apple juice to it and the taste will be enhanced.

What reduces the efficacy of MMS?

Ascorbic acid lowers the efficacy of MMS; so does preservatives, hence you will be advised to avoid them to the mineral miracle supplements. It should also not be used every day.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement

Mother Nature just got you a fabulous gift, and, Miracle Mineral supplement is the noun to keep in mind. It is surely a miracle and a mineral supplement working as a medication to what you want to classify as a disease. Jim Humble is the man that discovered this product, when he was hidden far away from any hospital that could possibly save a human life. The first instance was of a man that was severely suffering from malaria but got healed in a span of 10 hours upon taking this medication. This success led to a series of tests with it on the malaria disease on whether it was truly a cure and without staggering, it has since cured over 6000 malaria The Amazing Miracle Mineral Supplementpatients in Africa. Still, that isn’t enough of it. A good resource to learn more about this product is at MMS miracle mineral supplement http://www.pukkaliving.com/ This product can cure over 200 many other diseases in the human body. Aren’t these statistics convincing enough to intrigue your interest in knowing more about this miracle mineral supplement? Be sure to get a balanced outlook on this product at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_Mineral_Supplement

Basically, Miracle Mineral supplement is a composition of water and sodium chlorite, which make up a solution of it. Preparation process of this medicine involves an acid that is used to activate it. The acid may take the form of fresh lemon juice and you will allow it some three minutes to mix up after which you will add water. From its basic formulae water makes about 72% of the total solution while sodium chlorite accounts for 28% of it.

When taking it as medication you can have it in the morning and in the evening. It is perfectly normal for you not to feel its effects during the first few sessions of taking it. Normally at this time it is yet to effectively crack down on toxins and pathogens in the human body. After a few days you will notice the significant difference in the way your body feels and responds in relation to the illnesses you had before taking it.

Miracle Mineral supplement basically deals with toxins and pathogens by releasing the chlorine Be sure about what you are putting into your body - the MMS Supplementoxide gas into the human bloodstream. It has the capacity to take down nearly all fungi, bacteria, yeast and a number of blood-borne diseases. Chlorine oxide gas has also on numerous instances been successfully used as a germicide in the human body. The remarkable good side of it is that it does not harm your body in the course of treatment unlike many other treatment procedures of diseases like cancer, that leave you quite worn-out by the end of the treatment course.

Additionally, even mild and severe skin diseases such as acne, dandruff, rashes among many other similar illnesses are perfectly cured thanks to Miracle Mineral Supplement. However, just like any other medication, some patients may experience diarrhea as a sign that is perfectly working on you. Should you experience nausea, stop using it for a moment as this indicates that the medication is strong on your body and thus you need some time before you adjust to it. When taking it you might vomit at some point as it is not tasteful in the mouth. Keep it in mind that it is a medication like any other and needs be prescribed to you based on factors such as age, weight, resistance and many other similar factors that doctors consider.

All that said, it is the positive effects it brings us that outweigh all side effects it brings along, that makes it a great medication. Look no further than Miracle Mineral Supplement for your health worries.

Need a Boost in Health – MMS is the Answer…

Just like Mr. Jim Humble discovery, the effect of this solution is unexpected. He discovered it by chance and never thought that it will cure malaria. What is in MMS that can cure diseases? As I mentioned earlier, MMS is used to clean water and used in sterilizing things. It can kill the bacteria that live in the water. Therefore, it can kill bacteria that are in our body. You just have to make sure that you mix it with the correct proportion of MMS and activator. Activator can be a juice without Vitamin C. It is a little bit hard to find it but you can always make your own at Chemical Compound of the MMS Molecule...home like apple juice.

We all know that MMS can cure serious diseases like cancer, herpes, HIV, hepatitis and more. Who will think that this simple solution can cure serious diseases? Nobody discovered that before. Even Mr. Jim Humble did not know it until he tried it. Treating cancer is difficult these days. It is one reason of deaths every day. HIV is one dangerous disease that no one would like it. I heard many cases of HIV and most of them are hopeless. The worst part is, cancer and HIV will kill you little by little. Read a little more at http://happyliving76.scribbld.com/307.html for a better understanding. I can’t imagine the pain that is accompanied with these diseases. It is an agony to you and your family.

The discovery of MMS brought miracles to a lot of people all over the world. It gave hope and cured many people who are hopeless and frustrated. What can I say? The overwhelming benefits of miracle mineral supplement or MMS is innumerable. MMS is really amazing.

Want to Feel Better, then MMS may be the Answer…

It is really important to have testimonials or evidence when trying to prove if the product is really effective. They can help you think and decide if the product is good enough and if they are telling the truth. Even in legal things, evidences are really important to prove if someone is innocent or not. It is really hard to believe if you don’t see anything that can prove of what they are saying. We can’t do anything about it. That is the golden rule that we shouldn’t miss.Keep these bad little guys at bay...

There are many testimonials of taking MMS. You can usually found them on internet in the form of videos or articles. There are many people who are cured after using this magical solution. That’s the truth and let’s starts with a lady who is unable to move her body for eight years. Well, that’s quiet uncomfortable. I can’t imagine her difficulties as well as for the caregiver. What if that lady weighed 100 kilos or more? It is an agony for someone who is taking care of this lady.

This situation is really difficult that made her wished to death. Then a friend gave her a bottle of MMS. She followed the right procedures when taking MMS. With her surprise, she is able to move and walk again after a month of using MMS. She is more than happy now and thankful that MMS came to her life. Then a man suffered from too much pain in his urethra for years. He already consulted many doctors and tried many medicines. The doctors couldn’t tell him what’s going on.