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What are miracle mineral supplements?

Before we look at the benefits associated with miracle mineral supplements, it is important to understand what they are in the first place.MMS, as they are known in short as also referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution. The history of MMS can be traced back to the middle years of 1990s when someone by the name of Jim Humble accidentally discovered the efficacy of miracle mineral supplements. There were men in the company of Jim humble who fell ill with malaria and could not find immediate cure for the condition. Jim remedied the situation by treating them with water whose oxygen had been stabilized.

After the men recovered from the water whose oxygen had been stabilized, the formula for making the miracle mineral supplements was developed. This was the beginning of the MMS Supplement is Powerful Stuff...revolutionary miracle mineral supplements and is today hailed for treating various ailments that are difficult to treat using conventional medications.

Understanding the basic function of MMS

The sodium chlorite in the MMS plays a crucial role in making miracle mineral supplements. Chlorine dioxide results from the reaction between the sodium chloride mentioned and the acids from fruits such as the citrus fruits. If you need to find out a little more about chlordioxid mms – then be sure to check them out. This compound is less destructive than chlorine and has important functions in the body as a result. With little destructive effects in the body, you begin to find that is less destructive in the body, hence beneficial in the long run.

The oxidative power of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is quite effective due to its oxidative power. As a result of this characteristic, it helps in destroying pathogens and micro-organisms that are found in the body. This compound has been found to be so effective that it has been adopted in the war against the anthrax virus.

Apart from killing the pathogens, the miracle mineral supplements have been found to destroy the virus, bacteria, parasites as well as fungus. Sodium chloride is an end product of MMS and is a well known compound that we call table salt.

Exactly what makes up miracle mineral supplement or MMS?

Miracle mineral supplement is made up of distilled water, sodium chlorite, sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide and sodium chlorate .The latter two comprise a small portion of the total composition of MMS.

How to maximize the benefits of miracle mineral supplements

If you want to reap the maximum benefits of miracle mineral supplements, there are a number of things that you must do. To start with, you will be required to ace it active. In order to activate it, you are advised to mix it with drops of either lime or lemon juice. You can also add drops of citric acid. Filtered water is also required to complete the mixture. Then it will be ready to drink. If you do not like the resultant taste, you may apple juice to it and the taste will be enhanced.

What reduces the efficacy of MMS?

Ascorbic acid lowers the efficacy of MMS; so does preservatives, hence you will be advised to avoid them to the mineral miracle supplements. It should also not be used every day.